From Tail Wag to Top Crate: Our Journey

Hey there, we're a dog-loving couple from the sunny shores of San Diego, and our hearts beat to the rhythm of paws and tail wags. Our passion for dogs runs deep, especially for our lively husky pack. You'll often find us in the company of fostered furballs or volunteering at local shelters because giving back to our furry friends is what truly makes our day. Our journey into the world of dog crates began with a simple desire: to create a cozy and stylish retreat where our own dogs could unwind. We believe that comfort and aesthetics should go paw-in-paw. So, we poured our love into designing crates that not only complement our lifestyle but also offer a tranquil haven for your four-legged family members. We're excited to share our cozy crates with you and your pups, bringing a touch of comfort and style to your homes, one tail at a time.